Welcome to Our Blog!


The release of our debut game FallMan is approaching and we thought we'd start sharing our experiences so far in making our very own mobile game.

Our whole story is a bit out of the ordinary as FallMan is done completely by one person, Juho. And I really mean completely: visuals, game design, music, game development - everything. And in fact without any prior experience in game development or gaming industry. Nor coding for that matter in the past 10 years. It all kind of started just as a spare-time hobby project. This is why we are very excited how well the game has been received so far. We have had a demo booth in EGX London Leftfield Collection and in Slush Helsinki, both events with really great response to the game. FallMan also came 2nd in the Pocket Gamer Big Indie Pitch.

We realize that it's so hard out there for an unknown developer and a first ever game. Even quality games easily get lost in the depths of the app stores. But for us having come this far, having met the great people we've met, and having gotten the awesome support that we have gotten is a total win already.

Thanks for joining our journey!